1 Day Out – The 2005 Bodybuilding Season Is Almost Over… But The Quest For Muscular Perfection Is Just Beginning…


Friday, October 28th, 2005. Tomorrow is the second (and probably the last) competition of the 2005 season for me. My plan; get up on that stage and have fun! (and then go eat some PIZZA!). Then the quest will continue…

There are more competitions on the 2005 contest calendar. They usually run through the end of November every year and then there are none until February or March the following year. Here in New York City, the INBF federation is holding the amateur world championships on November 12th. It’s all natural and drug tested for 7 years. Then at the end of November, Mike Katz is holding the NPC natural Connecticut, and that is also drug tested.

The thought has crossed my mind of doing another show, but I’m leaning towards tomorrow being the last one. I think my body needs a good meal (or two or three), a good rest for a week or so, and then I’ll be eager to get back into the gym for the next “muscle mass gaining phase” (and rest assured, I will be blogging many of my mass building workouts and my mass building diet).

I can’t say I feel I’ve hit 100% of my peak or that I’m in the best condition of my life today. Then again, I’m my own worst critic, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be totally happy – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing; If you get complacent, you might not ever improve.

I can clearly recall years when I presented a more complete package – like in 1996 when I took two middleweight and two overall titles with the best combination of muscle mass and cuts of my life which I have yet to exceed (YET) – but I would say I look as good as I can look after a long four year absence from competition – and I’ll tell you, it feels great to be back! I’m already thinking about next year! This is just beginning. 2006 is going to be an incredible year!

Bodybuilding is really all about self improvement, and I also know I’ve improved since the last show two weeks ago and that’s what counts to me. No doubt, I’m leaner and sharper than two weeks ago, and I’m happy about that, but I would STILL like to be even more ripped, and it goes without saying, that nearly all of us bodybuilders would like to be bigger, if not overall, then at least in certain muscle groups.

I’m confident though, that if the caliber of competition at tomorrow’s show is similar to the last contest, I’m sure I will place well (I placed second in my division two weeks ago). However, you never know who is going to show up at these competitions, or what kind of shape they will be in, or how many will be in your class. There could be one other person in my class or there could be 14! Also, in this case, you don’t know what they will be “on.” That’s why the only thing you can concern yourself with is yourself and being the best you can be.

Tomorrow’s competition, like the last one, is NOT drug tested. As a natural bodybuilder, I’ve been asked why I choose these shows rather than the drug tested shows, where I would presumably have a better chance of competing on a “level playing field.” My answer was that I enjoy competing in both. Tested or not tested, I simply enjoy competing. If I choose local or state level competitions and I compete in the novice division (where I am still eligible until I win a novice overall title), then I still have a pretty good chance of being competitive, whether anyone else is on drugs or not.

I enjoy the challenge too. These shows make me raise my standards and push myself harder because I know the level of competition will be higher. That means greater personal improvement – and, like I said, that’s the name of the game. Although my chances of a high placing may be lower in a non tested show, there are other rewards that come along with it as well: I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said it doesn’t feel good on the occasions when I place higher than guys who are taking all types of steroids and other enhancers, while I’m 100% natural for life.

Ultimately, as you climb the competitive ladder from local to state to regional to national contests, a natural bodybuilder will never be able to keep pace with steroid enhanced physique. At the professional level, unfortunately, there are no natural bodybuilders (or, at least, it’s safe to say that 99.99% are not natural, and the .01% who may be natural, are not placing in the money). However, drugs alone do NOT guarantee a victory to anyone. Natural bodybuilders usually aren’t as big, and they aren’t as freaky-looking, but without a doubt, a fantastic physique CAN be built 100% naturally, and the best natural bodybuilders can hold their own on almost any amateur stage.

Natural Bodybuilding is such an incredible sport. It builds discipline, determination, hard work ethic, persistence, character and competitive spirit. And, despite the days when you feel sore, exhausted and hungry, it can actually be a lot of fun, and the end result – knowing you did it without artificial enhancements – is satisfying beyond belief.

This has been a ton of fun and what I plan to do tomorrow more than anything is just get up there and have fun… And then… GO EAT SOME PIZZA!

Be sure to check in on Sunday night when I will post the results and some photos. Then I will most likely take a week or two off from the blog, and then resume again with muscle-mass building diet and training, in Mid Novemver, along with some new features for this blog including interviews with other bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitors, new articles and lot more.

Thank you all for all your kind comments and for all your support!

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October 29, 2005

Kevin K @ 1:03 am #

Goodluck Tom!!! Hope you get 1st! When your done a competition do you actually eat a big cheat meal like mcdonalds or pizza! And do you take any time off of lifting, cardio ect after a competition to let your body heal after such strict dieting and training?

Diablo Rojo @ 10:38 am #

Tom good luck tommorow.
What do you think is stopping you the most from achieving again the 1996 shape? ( age?, supplements that were banned, eg: ephedrine?, , , , , )
Will you launch your bodybuilding courses this year? Will they have photos?

Jessica Britt @ 11:27 am #

No doubt about it, THE NATURAL WAY TO A PHYSIQUE IS THE BEST WAY! You have been doing extremely well for four years of absence from competition. Keep on doing it. That’s why I love figure, bodybuilding, and fitness. I know it’s all about self improvement and self achievement. If you don’t have any more goals, you will get no better. It doesn’t matter whether the competition is drug tested or not, what matters is that you are happy with what you are doing. It really disappoints me that mostly all pro bodybuilders are not natural. I’m so happy for you and I’m saying that you will definitely place high. I’m looking forward to the results and photos and the upcoming new stuff. Good luck and thanks for everything you do, Tom! 🙂

Jeri @ 1:13 pm #

Well, Tom, here it is the 29th and it’s nighttime here in England so I expect you’re probably on stage having fun right now 😉
I’m sooo with you on the natural bodybuilding. Mass muscle monsters have certainly never done anything at all for me. I just can’t understand the point of abusing your body that way with drugs.
There are some really positive thoughts flowing your way at the moment. I have a really good feeling about where you are going to place and I can’t wait to read your results. Hope you enjoy your well deserved pizza!

Phil @ 5:05 pm #

Tom: I’m really looking forward to reading about your mass building workouts and diet. I have such a hard time gaining mass without getting thick around my middle so I’m going to read your blog faithfully. Thanks again for sharing all your insights.

Lonnie @ 8:35 pm #

What are some of your measurements around contest time? Arms? Legs? Waist? Chest? Would be interested in knowing.

October 30, 2005

Tom Venuto @ 2:37 pm #

Lonnie, I usually dont take measurements. Bodybuilding on the competitive level is visual and not quantitative, so it’s relatively meaningless to me, although I do recommend measurements for other people as one of many ways to measure progress.
The stats I do know are: 5’8″ tall, 195-203 lbs off season, 170-175 lbs day of contest, 30″ waist pre contest, 31-32″ waist off season, off season body fat 9-10%, contest body fat 3.5-5.0%

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