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Interview #1: Tom Venuto Interviews Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Ivan Nikolov, “The Bulgarian Legend”

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Monday, March 7th, 2006. Empire Fitness Club, Hoboken, New Jersey. 6:30 am. Yes, 6:30 AM. Blame it on my training partner, Kostas, who forced me to get up before the sun was even up to train in the morning (to avoid the Monday night gym crowds). Actually, I’m usually a fairly early riser (between 6 and 7 am), and I enjoy being up early, but usually the first couple hours of the day are dedicated to becoming caffeinated, reading and just waking up mentally and physically. My preferred weight training time is late morning after I’m fully awake and a couple of meals are in me. High intensity weight training in the early AM was never my cup of tea. Surprisingly though, we blasted out a killer mass-building shoulder and tricep workout today. Check it out…

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Have you ever had those workouts where you SWEAR you grew overnight, literally from one workout? Where your muscles are so sore the next day that every time you so much as twitch, let alone get up and walk across the room, you FEEL it? It’s that deep muscle soreness – way down into the deepest fibers that had been asleep for years. And your muscles feel heavy. Not tired heavy, but “good heavy” – as in still pumped, and heavy under the sheer weight of the muscle mass… just sort of hanging… as if you had Ronnie Coleman’s lats. Yeah that’s it. Yes, all the serious bodybuilders know exactly what I’m talking about. Those non-bodybuilders who happened to surf onto this page by accident or are reading this out of curiosity are just scratching their heads. Blank stare. Deer in headlights. But we in the bodybuilding brotherhood (and sisterhood), we know. Well, this was one of those workouts. I’ve been a little delinquent in my blog entries, but I knew I HAD to post this one so you could see what causes such “overnight growth.”

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