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I’m not impressed easily, but Hugo Rivera is one damn impressive bodybuilder, as you can see in the photos below (his back double bicep shot is insane!) It’s quite an achievement to take top 5 in your class at the Team Universe – the pinnacle of natural amateur bodybuilding in the National Physique Committe – but that’s not what got my attention the most. When I heard Hugo had gone on to compete in the NPC USA and took 4th place there as well, I was blown away. What’s the big deal about a 4th place finish? Well, if you follow NPC bodybuilding, then you know that the USA is not drug tested. Hugo is natural for life. I don’t know about you, but when I see a natural holding his own in open competition, I’m cheering, and I want to know more. That’s why I was very pleased to get this interview with Hugo. When you finish reading this one, stay tuned, because Hugo promised me another a “Part 2” which will be even more personal and revealing.

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