4 Days Out From Bodybuilding Competition #2


Tuesday, October 25th, 2005. We’re down to the final week before the second bodybuilding show of the season! Today finishes up the “depletion phase” (three days with reduced carbs and hard glycogen-depleting training), and tomorrow is my last day of weight training and the first day of the pre-contest carb up. It will mostly be a repeat of the pre-contest week prior to my October 15th competition, with a few little tweaks.

Sunday the 23rd, Monday the 24th and today (Tuesday the 25th) were low carb days for the depletion phase. As I’ve mentioned previously in this blog, I do not deplete to the extreme, although I know many bodybuilders who literally go to zero carbs or at least below 100 grams a day. After being on a low to medium carb diet 3 out of every 4 days over the past four months, I find that further depletion is not necessary (Believe me, I’m already “depleted!!!!”)

Essentially, the only thing I do in the final week before a show that is any different from the rest of my precontest dieting is that I take 3 high carb days (the carb up phase), rather than 1 high carb day. My typical fat loss diet is 3 days low carbs (or medium carbs), then one day high carbs. So all I’m doing is taking two extra high carb days to carb up completely. One day doesn’t come anywhere near full glycogen repletion. After three days, your muscles are completely “filled out” with glycogen and the vascularity becomes much more

There are a few minor details the final week that do change; water intake for example, and a few supplements I take to help avoid water retention, but aside from that, I do nothing “drastic” in the last week. No sodium loading, no creatine loading, no fat loading, no junk food loading, etc.

Today was my last cardio (yessss!), and tomorrow is my last weight training workout. I don’t train on the Thursday and Friday before a bodybuilding competition (with the exception of posing practice, if you want to call that “training”).

Immediately after my last lifting workout tomorrow, I will begin carbing up again. I am going to carb up almost as much as I did for the Oct 15th contest, but pull back just slightly late in the day on Friday, as I suspect this may help keep me tighter and eliminate the possibility of spilling over or retaining water (at least, I believe it has in the past). I’m planning on 1250 grams over 3 days rather than 1350 grams as last time, with the least, not most, on Friday (350 to 375 Friday). This is still more total carbs than I used to consume in previous years over the 3 day precontest carb up period.

I’ll log in one more time before the Saturday, October 29th competition and then again late on Sunday the 30th to post the results and pictures

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October 28, 2005

Anu @ 4:49 pm #

Hi Tom!
Have a FUN at your show October 29th & knock ’em out!!
-When I look at your legs!!(let alone the rest of your physique)- it is amazing that you are a natural bodybuilder!!
All the best,

Steven Wilkins @ 5:29 pm #

Good luck in the competition this weekend! Do you feel at 100% conditioning because at the last post I believe you said you were about 99.5%? Well, as long as you feel that you improved in any way that is what really counts.
P.S.- Great News, I managesd to get a bit leaner over the 3 days and I hit 10.8% bf! I can see those single digits coming! Also, tommorrow is my high carb day (wish I could have 3 like you :(! I can practically hear em’ callin’ out to me now or is that just the 3 low carb days talking! 🙂
Steven Wilkins

JOE DANJOU @ 6:33 pm #

Any chance that you might publish a poster or photo that can be enlarged after the competition?
My gym has Dave Draper and Larry Scott posters….there’s this place on the wall just right for yours.
You’ve helped me a lot…I owe you.

Tom Venuto @ 6:38 pm #

Joe, I did a photo shoot already and am still sorting through the pictures. I plan on doing at least one more professional photo shoot in the coming weeks before starting my “mass gaining” phase and I also plan to get some good contest photos on Saturday the 29th. Im sure I could find the best shots and make them available as prints (or even posters).

October 29, 2005

Jessica Britt @ 10:59 am #

Good luck on your next competition!

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