4 Days Out: Last Day Of Contest Week Depletion Phase


Tuesday, October 12th, 2005. Today was the last day of “depletion phase.” Do you know what that means? I’ll tell you what it means…. It means tomorrow and for the next four days, I FEAST ON CARBS!!! YESSSSSSS! Okay, okay, so it’s only oatmeal and rice and potatoes and yams and cream of rice and clean carbs like that, big deal, right? Well, it’s a big deal for ME; I’m looking forward to eating more – even more “clean carbs” – and then of course, the “naughty carbs” will come after the show, heh, heh, heh.

“Depletion phase” Sunday, Monday and today wasn’t all that bad really. Like I said in my last blog, I don’t kill myself during this phase by cutting all my carbs out like many bodybuilders do, I just reduced them to 140 grams a day. I also tapered back my cardio, did less intense weight training, and even got to eat a little more fat which kept my energy up and kept me a little fuller.

The biggest pain in the butt really, was the water intake. Did you ever drink 3 gallons of water a day for three days in a row? All I can say is that if you do, you’d better stay real close to a bathroom!

I was, of course, flat these past couple of days, but that is to be expected on the last day of depletion. Sometimes you can actually look really bad on Tuesday and Wednesday morning before the Saturday show after depletion phase and it can really mess with your head the first time. But once you’ve competed a few times (this will be my 27th contest), you know that once the carbs are re-introduced on Wednesday, your physique will come back to life… the muscle bellies will fill out, the veins will start to pop out more, and each day your muscular defnintion will look sharper and sharper.

The final week, done properly, is almost like MAGIC the way your body can change so rapidly. The difference between flat muscles holding water on Tuesday, and fully carbed muscles, tight and dry (with a pump) on Saturday can make you look like a totally different person. It’s a beautiful thing when it all falls into place. So far so good.

I weighed 177.5 lbs today, but that will surely drop tomorrow when I go back to a normal water intake and probably more when I drop my water Friday. Looking good for my weight class (middleweights; cutoff 176.25 lbs). Will be close to the top of the weight class.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), is my last day of lifting, and right after I’m finished with my 10:30 am workout, I will start carbing up around noon. I’ll log in tomorrow and post the details of how I do the carb up phase which lasts from Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, (as well as Saturday morning right up to the prejudging).

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October 14, 2005

gracetouch @ 1:54 am #

Its great all your articles post here in this blog Tom ..and share your personal preparation..is very cool and healthy for the sport…Im a Cuban Coach living in Chile..and a Big fan of your work..in this healthy dinosaurus “natural” community…for me and my University “diego Portales” of Santiago de Chile..you are a great simbol of the TRUTH.
A big salutes
excuse my poor English!!! best regards Tom
and..Tom dont stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mariela @ 1:42 pm #

You are already a winner but I still want to wish you good luck and success at the competition. I wish I could be there. I have never gone to such events. Of course, my dear hubby would say that I’m just making excuses to check other “machos”, LOL! But, I really find all of this fascinating (including the “machos”…he he + diabolic face)…Naah!, but seriously and respectfully, I think both you and Richie are much more than trainers/bodybuilders in the strict sense of the words, you are artists, you are designers, and your body is definitely a masterpiece!

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