Another Reason I Love My Gym


I’d be negligent If I didnt give a shout out to Empire Fitness Club in Hoboken, NJ, where I was the manager for 12 years and where I still train 50% of the time… but the other 50 % of the time, I train at Bob Bonham’s Strong and Shapely Gym in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It’s not only the best equipped bodybuilding gym I have ever trained in, the place has ATMOSPHERE! The stuff that you see in this place…. well… you just gotta see it…

Home gym training is really popular these days, and I even know a few bodybuilders who built some kick-ass home gyms, and trained there all the way to competition! But with all due respect to the home gym trainers, I could just never dig training at home… no atmosphere… Home is where I sleep, eat, rest, relax, watch DVD’s, surf the net… and some other stuff… Its my personal space. the energy to train is just not there.

The energy is in the gym…

Case in point, The day before yesterday, when coincidentally, I was training chest, A few benches over from us, Joel Toranzo was bench pressing 700 pounds…with the whole screaming and yelling posse behind him!

When you train in a gym with both – world champion powerlifters – and national champion bodybuilders – the energy is just off the charts… You get fired up just being there…

Different things motivate different people… but for me, I choose my environment and where I hang out carefully and I “GO WHERE THE ENERGY IS” at every possible opportunity… That’s why I always train in a gym like this…

Train Hard and Expect Success,

Tom Venuto

PS Man, you gotta see this bench… Ive never been to a powerlifting meet or even something like the Arnold classic Strength expo, (because I’ve only followed the physique side of the iron game)… so I had never seen anyone bench press 700 pounds before… what a sight to behold!. .. check out the video…

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January 13, 2007

Sarah @ 2:06 pm #

Incredible! I struggle with 110 pounds :)for 3 reps. Totally agree with you on the atmosphere part, there are times I can literally FEEL the testosterone flying through the air when some of the more serious guys are setting their personal records, and I always do better when that happens. I’m so glad I got into this game!

March 9, 2007

erik @ 9:00 pm #

Joel Toranzo was at strong and shapely?! Man I wish I was there that day!! I train there whenever I can because I live in jersey city and dont have a car, the rest of the time I go to empire. I met Joel years ago when he was the head trainer at Ballys, He is friggin huge!!!

March 13, 2007

Eric Bruhn @ 10:45 pm #

Pretty sick lift, I work out and work at Empire Fitness as well, but I have never seen anyone lifting that kind of weight yet.

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