Flash Report! NPC New Jersey Gold’s Gym Classic Bodybuilding Contest Results Are In!


Sunday, October 30th, 2005. The results of the New Jersey NPC Gold’s Classic bodybuilding championships are in, and I was very happy to take second place in the middleweight division. The even better news is that I “improved my placing” over the last contest. If you’re wondering how I could “improve” by getting second at two contests in a row, then just check out the pictures and read today’s blog for all the details!

Two weeks ago, on October 15th, I placed second in my weight division in a class of 5 at the NPC South Jersey Bodybuilding Championships. Yesterday, I competed in the NPC New Jersey Gold’s Classic Bodybuilding Championships and again, I took second place. Naturally, I was hoping to improve my previous placing and move up to first place this time. That didn’t happen, but I can’t say I was disappointed with yesterday’s results.

This time, it was a class of 9 competitors, so although my placing was the same, I did better by beating out 7 other guys (NONE of whom had to take a drug test by the way, but I can guarantee you that I could have passed a drug test 100% clean, 100% natural!) I also improved my condition substantially from 2 weeks ago. I was sharper and leaner (two pounds lighter too).

There was stiff competition for this title: The guy who placed ahead of me (Gaetano, competitor #30), was not only in condition, but his physique was near flawless. He won our division (middleweight novice), then went on to win the overall novice and also first place in the open division as well, (losing only the open overall title to a gigantic “monster” heavyweight… more about that dude later). I have no complaints about my placing. He looked fantastic and deserved to win.

Wow man, what an awesome show this was! I had a blast! There was a huge competitor turnout, a huge crowd, lots of bodybuilding and fitness industry celebrities in attendance (including Chris Cormier, IFBB pro guest poser), Bill Grant (former Mr. America and contributor to my ebook, Fit Over 40), Bob Bonham of the awesome Strong & Shapely Gym of East Rutherford, Dave Palumbo (Superheavyweight bodybuilding champion) Guest poser Carlo Filipone, the Muscle Chef (awesome guest posing routine!), Vinnie Galanti (Mr. USA), and others.

This was all around one of the best-promoted, professionally run and smoothly expedited contests I have ever competed in. If anyone in the northeast USA is looking for a show to compete in next year, I would highly recommend this competition – the NPC New Jersey Gold’s Classic (every year in October), and also their other show, the NPC Muscle Beach which is held every year in July.

They have men’s bodybuilding novice, masters and open, womens bodybuilding and women’s figure. You will have a great experience as a competitor. (Awesome sculpture trophies too – check out the picture below). Kudo’s to MC/expeditor Steve Stone and his crew, the NPC judging panel, and to promoters Mark And Karen Steinfield of Gold’s Gym Point Pleasant Beach, NJ and Gold’s Gym, Howell NJ – they all did a GREAT job!



2005 Gold's Classic Bodybuilding Trophy.jpg

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October 30, 2005

Steven Wilkins @ 7:58 pm #

Congrats Tom! You look absolutely ripped in the pictures so I know you must be pleased! Enjoy the win and the pizza!
Steven Wilkins

Mariela @ 8:17 pm #

Congratulations!!! BTW the pictures are great. Only, in the last one you had too much tan. 🙂

Tiago @ 8:52 pm #

Congratulations Tom for improving your placing. Especially in a non-tested competition! I hope you take some time to relax and recuperate and I can’t wait to see what you’ll have in store for us in the mass building phase to come. You have taught me quite a lot about bodybuilding & fat loss and I hope one day I can compete myself. Congratulations again!

October 31, 2005

Vincent @ 2:13 am #

Congratulations Tom, for the trophy but first, for your physique. The pictures are amazing. You look fantastic, you’d make any guy want to start bodybuilding. In the first one your body looks like a sculpture, a work of art. Perfect.
Well… enjoy your pizza and your rest, be well, and please continue what you are doing, as you are an inspiration through both your bodybuilding and your writing.

Lonnie @ 2:59 am #

Wow… You looks REALLY ripped in these pics. I’d go so far as to say the last competitions pictures don’t even compare to these. You have some insane traps man! Great job and way to go!! Keep up the good work.
What did you weigh in this contest and at what height?

Chris @ 3:54 am #

Further congrats Tom, you look awesome! can’t wait for mass building season!

Kev @ 3:59 am #

Congrats Tom, you deserved it!!
you do look better in the new pics compared to the last competition, just proof that you were 100% right, bet your still buzzing after fending off the other guys, an awsome feat.
look forward to more coverage, trying to get results on the net proved fairly useless from the npc sites on the day or day after

Chad @ 6:05 am #

Absolutely amazing Tom! Congratulations once more, that first picture is just complete perfection. I cant imagine the physique of the guy that “beat” you.
Again, congrats on the victory!

BWG @ 8:25 am #

Congratulations, Tom!
You look fantastic. Looking forward to seeing some poster-type photos I can use to keep me inspired!

Paul @ 11:42 am #

Although deserved, no congrats necessary. You got enough from the 10 folks above (don’t want your ego to get as big as your physique, LOL!). Enjoy your time off but I wish you wouldn’t take it, because I can’t wait to read about your mass-building sessions and diet! I enjoy checking out your site everyday. BURN THE FAT and this site combine to provide proven body-changing techniques and motivation. Thanks.

Jeri @ 1:25 pm #

Well done, you!!!! Sounds like a great experience as well as an awesome personal accomplishment. Hope you’re not spending too much time already thinking about preparations for next year. Enjoy your down-time! Thanks for the pics. Will look forward to the full report.

Jessica Britt @ 3:00 pm #

Congratulations, Tom! I’m so happy for you! The pictures are awesome, 100% proof that you definitely improved. I’m glad you had a great experience. One day I’ll have the experience (Figure competition!). Enjoy your downtime, ah, the rest and the carbs. I’m so excited for 2006 and most definitely lookin’ forward to so much. Keep doing what you do!you! 🙂

November 1, 2005

Mike Shimon @ 1:09 am #

You worked hard and it shows. Nice job, I know what you mean by being second in a bigger class. A great victory.
Mike Shimon

GRACETOUCH @ 1:58 am #

…congratulations Tom ..you look like a classic…
Big regards and dont stop man!!!!

Diablo Rojo @ 4:22 am #

Congratulations Tom for the achievement! You kicked their asses. From my point of view you got the 1st place in both competitions because if your competitors wouldn’t have used drugs they wouldn’t have had a chance in front of you.
Enjoy your cheat meals!

Simon @ 11:36 am #

Great Job Tom : Good Work

Tiffany @ 3:48 pm #

Congratulations, it looked like you could have taken 1st Place! The perfect representation of a bodybuilder, striated, ripped, full, symetrical and dry.

Lewis @ 7:31 pm #

Congrats Tom you look awesome in the pics. You are an inspiration to all of us!
I am very proud to have you as one of the great authors of my All Star Trainer’s Secrets e-book.

November 2, 2005

Valerie Johnson @ 9:54 am #

FANTASTIC!!! You look unbelieveable. When I grow up, I’m gonna look like you, only the female version :o)

Lauren Muney @ 2:16 pm #

You’ve got traps the size of bowling balls!

Fran Reynolds @ 9:58 pm #

Congratulations Tom, you keep on inspiring us all!

November 3, 2005

Erick @ 11:07 am #

Hi Tom. Congratulations. Right here – on the stage – is where all the talk and chit chat stops being that – just talk.
Your results are 100% Real, as well as all your advice.
Keep the good work!!

November 5, 2005

Garrett @ 9:53 am #

I really wonder what the other guy who got first looked like, because in my opinion, you’re physique is one that would be very hard to beat. Congrats on your achievements! Good luck with your next show, that first place is on its way.

November 7, 2005

James @ 1:02 pm #

WOW… You look RIPPED… Your a true inspiration to us all.
Keep up the great work!

G.B.D @ 6:43 pm #

Congratulations Tom. Can’t wait for some more pictures.

November 24, 2005

Kitty @ 8:36 am #

You’ve been my motivation and main source of nutrition and work out knowledge over the past 4 months as I prepared for a figure contest. (took second in both age and height categories). I’ve latched onto you because you’re natural but also because of your enthusiasm and “give it all you’ve got” attitude. Thanks so much for everything!
I probably wouldn’t have been motivated to write and tell you all this but I have a problem now… I miss you! Where are your blogs? Are we going to get back to building now? I need to add a lot of size on my legs and butt in order to win the provincials in June.
Hope to hear from you soon!

December 6, 2005

Steven Wilkins @ 11:32 pm #

Just wondering if you were you going to post more contest coverage and pictures from your last show? You are probably busy this holiday season and with off season training though. Anyway, I enjoyed the blog and look foward to your upcoming bodybuilding e-book.

January 16, 2006

Justin @ 8:37 pm #

Wow! Congrats Tom! You look ripped! 🙂

Ralph @ 10:13 pm #

Hey Tom, I’m new to the blog but I just wanted to say a belated congratulations!! You are my inspiration man…keep up the great work!!

January 21, 2006

Glynda @ 4:44 pm #

You look absolutly wonderful! Keep up the encouraging work.

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