Flash Report! NPC South Jersey Bodybuilding Contest Results


Saturday, October 15th, 2005, 11:35 pm. The results of the NPC South Jersey Bodybuilding Competition Are IN! Read today’s blog for a flash report… (Full contest coverage on Monday).

The National Physique Committee (NPC) South Jersey Bodybuilding Championships is now history and I took 2nd place in my division! Not bad for a lifetime natural bodybuilder in a NON drug tested show (where most of my competition was probably “anabolically enhanced, if you know what I mean!)… and not bad for my first competition in 4 years! Feels GREAT to be back in it!

Here’s a photo from right after the trophies were awarded at the evening finals. I apologize for the poor photo quality – it’s the only one I have at the moment, but I will post more photos from the prejudging as soon as I have them downloaded.


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October 16, 2005

Evan @ 8:38 pm #

WOW, Tom! I’m so happy for you!!!
Man, you are an Elite strength athlete!
congratulations TV!

Amelia @ 8:47 pm #

I read my copy of BFFM all the time and its so cool to see the ‘guru’ (YOU!) practising what you preach! Cant wait to see more photos!!!

Steven Wilkins @ 8:51 pm #

Congratulations Tom! Considering you went into a non-tested competition 100% natural, 2nd Place sounds a hell of alot like 1st! You should be very proud! BTW, does this qualify you for any other future competitions (Team Universe maybe?)If it does then you most certainly deserve it. Good luck in the coming weeks!

Tom Venuto @ 8:55 pm #

YES! I am now qualified for the 2006 NPC Team Universe which will be held on Friday, August 4th and Saturday, August 5th, (2006) right here in New York City

John Bartlett @ 9:18 pm #

WOW, man, you kick ass! I wish I could have been there.

Nick @ 9:19 pm #

Awesome, non drug tested and still 2nd, thats insane.

Tiago @ 9:29 pm #

Congratulations Tom on placing 2nd. You looked great. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the show because of an accident with my Dad’s car the day before. I hope I can make it to your next show in Tom’s River on the 29th.
By the way, you mentioned that you were posing with music on. Do you have to pose onstage and go along with the rhythum to the music? If so, what song was it?
Congratulations once again.

Tom Venuto @ 9:43 pm #

Re: my posing music: yes, we get a 60 second free posing routine to music at the night show. The decisions are made in the morning at the prejudging. The night show routines are not really scored, they are simply for entertainment value for the audience. I posed to a Fat Boy Slim song, “rockefeller Skank.” (the one that goes, “Check it out now… the funk soul brother…”) It’s a fun song with a lot of energy. The crowd liked it πŸ™‚ It was fun

Chad @ 10:42 pm #

Congrats Tom! Ive been intently reading your BB Blog since it started, and its great to hear that it paid off so well for you.
I know its been said before, and hardly needs any repeating, but you look amazing! I wish you more than just good luck in your next competitions.
Again, you are truly a product of hard work and dedication. Congratulations!

October 17, 2005

Vincent @ 4:33 am #

Wonderful result Tom, congratulations. It’s amazing that you know your body so well, that you take the chance to compete against some steroid inflated monsters and that you still beat almost all of them with your ethics and hard work. You’re truly a master of your art. Always such an inspiration to all of us. You look fantastic. All the best for the next contest.

Mariela @ 6:30 am #

You kept us in suspense. I was logging in every five minutes yesterday. LOL. Congratulations! This is great! Natural bodybuilding rocks!

Waleed @ 8:40 am #

Congratulations! I was really rooting for you and all that hard work paid off. I’ve been following your blog since the beginning and the suspense was just killing me. Thank you for sharing your experience with us all.

Mendo @ 8:46 am #

You look fantastic.
And a nice choice of music.
Can’t wait to see more photo’s

Kev @ 9:05 am #

Awesome Tom, congrats on the placement, you had already won in my eyes with your dedication, ethics & determination, the trophy is the icing πŸ™‚
good luck in the next competition!!
I too was logging in to see some results, even the NPC or googling for results showed up empty. Are these events put on the radio at all so we can at least stream the results?

Tom Venuto @ 9:20 am #

This was just a small state level bodybuilding competition. You can get the Mr. Olympia live on PPV, and the results were posted all over the internet within minutes after the show was over (Mr. Olympia was also on Saturday, October 15th). However, these “little” state and local shows like the New Jersey show I just competed it, usually don’t get much coverage at all, let alone the type of attention and media coverage of those pro bodybuilding “freak shows.”
Unfortunately, the drug tested (all natural) shows get even less coverage! One of the few places you can see natural bodybuilding competition results is in NATURAL BODYBUILDING & FITNESS MAGAZINE, put out by Manhattan based Chelo Publishing (editor Steve Downs). They are affiliated with a totally different organization, the INBF (amateur) and WNBF (pro). Prize money in the natural pros (WNBF) is a tiny fraction of Mr. Olypmia – as is the media coverage (audiences want to see 280 pound “freaks of nature”) – but regardless, it is great that natural bodybuilders have a professional venue now.
I may compete in the INBF in the future because I admire and applaud their strict stance on drugs: They have very stingent drug testing, and they decided on a 7 year drug free rule. Reason: that’s long enough that any drugs taken that far in the past will have virtually no remaining benefits, but it doesn’t exclude people who tried drugs many years ago and have since gone natural (natural for life competitive bodybuilders are actually quite rare, I’m sorry to say).
My current goal however, is the Team Universe. This is a National Physique Committee (NPC) sanctioned event and it IS drug tested, although it’s only a 1 year drug free requirement if I’m not mistaken (which means that someone could be a steroid and growth hormone user their entire lives, 5, 10, 15, 20 years, then come off for one year and officially pass the test… and it shows in the Team U physiques). The majority of NPC shows are not drug tested – only a few drug tested NPC contests are held every year, the rest are “open”, i.e., no testing.
The Team Universe is (arguably) the most prestigious and most competitive amateur natural bodybuilding competition in the world. It is the “national championships for natural bodybuilding.”
Team Universe gets a great deal of coverage – it is usually covered in IRONMAN MAGAZINE, FLEX magazine, NPC magazine, the NPC websites and most of the major bodybuilding forums.
I’m doing one more 2005 show on October 29th, but after that, it’s just a short break for me, then literally 9 months straight of hard training and disciplined eating to prepare for 2006 Team Universe. I have my work cut out for me – these are the best natural bodybuilders in the world. You can’t show up at this contest even 1% off of top form and expect to place.

Lauren Muney @ 9:21 am #

That’s great, Tom!!! Congrats!!!!!! i was thinking about you!

Diablo Rojo @ 10:05 am #

Good job Tom! Congratulations! You’re the man! I wish you good luck in the next show!

Steven Wilkins @ 10:46 am #

Hi Tom,
I just checked out the Olympia results and my question is can anyone natural compete in the Olympia? Guys Like Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler obviously are not natural (You know when someone isn’t natural when they look like they can’t ever tie their own shoes!) When I look at old Mr. Olympia’s like my favorites Schwarzenegger, Zane, Mentzer, Colombu (Lee Labrada and should have been one), they and you looked like real champions. I don’t know if they used enhancers, but they looked like men, not freaks. You and guys like Skip Lacour, Mike O’Hearn have THAT LOOK of the old pros. Mr. Olympias today should be ashamed of what they look like on stage I think while they brag about doing 800-900lb. squats (come on!). Overall, I wonder what happened to THAT LOOK of the old days and when bodybuilding started endorsing pill poppin’ “monsters” instead?

Tom Venuto @ 11:18 am #

No one can compete naturally in the Olympia contest – at least not successfully. Professional bodybuilding at that level is totally dependent on genetics and drugs in that order, and that is not exagerration, understatement or speculation, it’s fact. I don’t mean to dismiss the accomplishements of any pro – it is incredible what these men have achieved, and tremendous hard work and discipline WAS involved. But the truth is, it takes freak genetics, drugs and hard work to build an olympia physique, not just hard work.
Virtually all of the “old time” bodybuilders were also using drugs, and most of them (including Arnold himself) admit it, although not all of them will admit it freely or publicly – understandably so, because steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are not only illegal today, there is a negative stigma attached to their use. Although there are some “hardcore” magazines that openly discuss drug use, most magazines make Olympia level bodybuilding look snow white — not to mention they give the impression that creatine, protein powder and glutamine were responsible for their physiques – Yeah right!
Don’t let anyone fool you. Those guys were eating dianabol for breakfast even as far back as the late 1960’s.
When Human Growth Hormone (HGH) hit the scene, that was probably when the new era of “mass monsters” and “freaks” was ushered in. There was no readily available HGH back in the 60’s and 70’s
Bodybuilding pharmacology in general has advanced by leaps and bounds since the D-bol days. Most pro bodybuilders are not just taking steroids. They are usually on a whole smorgasbord of several different types of steroids, as well as growth hormone, clenbuterol (B2 adrenergic agonists), diuretics (like diazide and lasix), thyroid drugs (such as cytomel), anti cortisols (cytadren), HCG, Nolvadex, appetite suppressants, stimulants (even amphetamine) and a lot more stuff that I probably have never even heard of before. WHO KNOWS what goes on behind the scenes these days. These guys don’t just have trainers and nutritionists, they have trainers, nutritionists and pharmacists on their team.
I agree that physiques like Lee Labrada’s are absolutely beautiful and Lee’s physique represents what bodybuilding should be all about. Audiences however, want to see freaks and they also want to see evolution – they want to see bigger and bigger freaks every year.
It would be naive to think that even the “symmetrical” and “smaller” bodybuilders like Labrada, Zane and Dickerson competed on the Olympia stage without some “assistance.” In fact, I remember reading an article by Lee many years ago just after he retired, when he said that one of the reasons he retired is that he didn’t want to continue to do to his body what was necessary to do in order to win. Do you suppose he was talking about the dieting?
The audiences demand freaks, the magazines want freaks to sell their supplements, and because of this, in my opinion, pro bodybuilding will not go backwards. The IFBB mandate for “more symmetrical physiques and no bloated HGH guts” did not prevent the mass monsters from taking the top 5 in the Olympia once again this year. If the criteria and standards did change then why didn’t Darrem Charles and Johnny Jackson place higher?
Despite all this, it gives me pleasure to know that the vast majority of bodybuilding fans – although many love to LOOK AT the “freak shows,” they themselves say that if they could HAVE any body they wanted, they would choose the Labrada, Zane look or the natural bodybuilder look above the “steroid mass monster” look.

G.B.D. @ 11:19 am #

Congratulations Mr T. Venuto with your 2nd place i’m very happy for you, Keep up the awesome work.
btw can you place some more pictures of your contest on the site please?
Can’t wait anymore want to see some more pics of your awesome physique.

Jessica Britt @ 11:24 am #

Congratulations, Tom! That’s awesome!!!! I can’t wait for more! Every time I log on to your blog, I get more and more inspired. Keep it goin’. Good luck on your next competition – I wish I could be there!:-)

Steven Wilkins @ 11:50 am #

Thanks for the reply Tom. I gotta look up the side effects of these drugs. Maybe the drugs this why many of the old pros (they are not really THAT old when I think about it 40s-50s) look like train wrecks when you would think they you would think they would maintain at least some of their former glory. Today’s Olympia’s are probably gonna look grotesque in their later years!

John Bartlett @ 1:43 pm #

Just a comment if any of you men out there are thinking about cutting corners with the use of drugs…most women prefer the physique of a natural bodybuilder over a steroid monkey. Actually, they find the steroidally enhanced physique repulsive and the natural physique very sexy. Don’t take my word for it. Show a pic of Ronnie Colman, then a pic of Tom to your wife or girlfriend. Watch their response.

October 28, 2005

Anu @ 4:06 pm #

Congratulations! Much focus and success tomorrow with your next competition. Natural is POWERFUL πŸ˜‰

January 23, 2006

Sarah-C @ 7:39 am #

I’m late in here πŸ™‚ but so what ? I was glad to see you “for real” as it were, after having bought your e-book. In Norway, fitness and body-building isn’t all too popular, everyone thinks there are drugs involved the minute you cross the door to a gym, even protein powders are looked upon as drugs ! Nuts. But it means we don’t get to see you guys at all on TV, and the few magazines available are US ones and extremely expensive by the time they reach our shops. I’m glad I have you on the net !

April 3, 2006

Jake @ 7:09 pm #

A late congratulations Tom. My company is producing the 2007 WNBF Show in Las Vegas in March 2007 at the Mandalay Bay. Hope to see you there.
Jake Kahle
GBF Creative Group, LLC

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