Natural Bodybuilder Tom Venuto, Latest Pre-Contest Progress Photo October 5th, 2005


Wednesday, October 5th, 2005. Here’s the photo I promised you yesterday. This was taken by richie right after I finished training chest yesterday (Tuesday, October 4th, 2005), 1 1/2 weeks out from the NPC south Jersey bodybuilding competition


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October 8, 2005

Kev @ 12:40 pm #

simply Awsome Tom!!!
Exciting times ahead, really looking forward to seeing the contest pics and commentry, is it being broadcast on radio/net at all?
Also looking forward to seeing the posing pics too, jaws are bound to drop when we see you shredded 😉
All the best!!

Steven Wilkins @ 1:28 pm #

What an inspiration! If you are not at 100% in this photo then I would be floored to see what you will look like by competition time. You look like a Michaelangelo statue! You put all the drug and supplement companies to shame! Keep up the hard work and I know you will achieve all your goals at the competitions.
Steven (newly inspired BFFM user)

G.B.D. @ 2:02 pm #

Awesome Work Mr Venuto, can’t wait to see the contest pictures.

Jessica Britt @ 4:35 pm #

Looks like you’re on your way to another win! Awesome shape and physique! I’m really looking forward to the pictures and results of your upcoming two competitions. NATURAL IS THE BEST WAY TO GO and you prove that to be the truth. Thanks for being a role model and mentor. Good luck! I know you have what it takes to win. 🙂

Tiago @ 8:23 pm #

Looking really good Tom. I can’t wait to see you at the South Jersey Bodybuilding competition. I’m really looking forward to it. Keep working hard and hopefully i’ll see you on the 15th. GOOD LUCK.

October 9, 2005

Bunny @ 2:46 pm #

bro .. this is inspiration to go and kick my ass in the Gym tomm ..
my back is gonna go to WAR tomm

Kevin Y @ 8:31 pm #

Looking great Tom, keep going you’re almost there. You’ve been an inspiration to so many of us, hope our words can be the push that takes you over the last few hurdles on your way to winning the competition.

October 10, 2005

Alexi D @ 6:35 pm #

excellent Tom!!! you’re really an inspiration to us. it’s great to see someone going all natural getting this good. You’re gonna win for sure!!! BFFM Rules!!!!

October 12, 2005

Haldo @ 7:33 am #


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