Out Of Town… But Still Business As Usual; Chest & Biceps


Wednesday, August 10th 2005. This week was I was out of town visiting family, so I trained at a different gym and didn’t have access to all the machines available at Strong & Shapely in New Jersey, but it was still business as usual: Lift, Cardio, Eat, Cardio, Eat, etc, etc. I don’t need anything fancy… just give me some barbells & dumbbells and I’m good to go. I’ll be back in Jersey this weekend. Next week, I’m either going to train chest with Richie, or I’ll be going back to S & S on my own and keep mixing up the chest exercises & equipment


A1 Incline Press On Smith Machine
2 warm up sets
4 sets X 175 lbs X 8 reps X 4032 tempo
B1 Pec Dec Flyes
4 sets X 110 lbs X 8 reps X 3022 tempo
C1 Flat Dumbbell Bench Press
4 sets X 55 lbs X 8 reps 4032 tempo
D1 High Cable crossover (from low pulley)
4 sets X 60 lbs X 8 reps X 3022 tempo


A1 Dumbbell Hammer Curls, Alternating, cross body
4 sets X 50 lbs X 10-12 reps
A2 EZ Bar Curl
4 sets X 105 lbs X 12, 10, 9, 8 reps
B1 Spider Curl on Incline Bench
3 sets X 55 lbs X 12 reps, strict 4023 tempo
slow reps, hold it at top, squeeze biceps hard


A1 Dumbbell wrist curl one arm at a time
3 sets X 55 lbs X 15 reps
A2 Dumbbell wrist curl one arm at a time, rolldown to fingertips
3 sets X 25 lbs X 12-15 reps


A1 Weighted crunch
3 sets X 25 lbs X 25 reps
B1 Side Crunches
3 sets X 25 reps per side
C1 Reverse crunches on incline bench
3 sets X bodyweight X 20 reps

Workout Commentary

I used the same strategy this week for chest as last week: higher volume, high density, very short rest periods, with all the exercises performed
very strict and slow. Once again, I got through 16 sets (more than I normally do), in around 25 minutes by keeping the rest between sets very brief (which limited the amount of weight I used). Every rep was like posing the chest…. Squeezing and flexing hard, especially in the contracted position.

The bicep routine was very brief, but hit it so hard, that I really didn’t even want to do more. I supersetted between dumbbell hammer curls (alternating and crossing the dummbells across the body rather than straight up from my sides), into regular (palms up curls), NO rest between the two exercises, 60 seconds rest between supersets. I took every set to total failure. This a tough – and effective – superset. Training the brachialis with hammer curls (like I did today — thumbs up grip) and also reverse curls (palms face down grip), gives you a much more complete arm… thicker-looking

The second bicep exercise was the Spider curls. Since the gym I was training at didn’t have a spider bench (most gyms don’t – It’s a “specialty” item), I simply did the spider curls facing down on an adjustable incline bench, arms hanging off the top edge. It’s a lot like a “barbell concentration curl.” Light weight, super strict, contracting hard at the top. Not a mass-builder; this is more of a peaking/pumping/finishing movement.

I often do a third movement for bi’s, but that was it for biceps today. I just finished up with dumbbell wrist curls for forearms. I’ve been doing these for the past few workouts, and still moving up in weight. Up to 55 lb dumbbells today. I added a little extra “twist” this time. After each set with the 55’s, I immediately supersetted/drop-setted into dumbbell wrist curls with the 25’s, this time rolling the dumbbell all the way down to my fingertips.

I finished with three exercises for abs, three sets each, then jumped on the stepmill stairmaster for 30 minutes of cardio. (I did another 45 minutes on the treadmill later at night).

I’m not doing double cardio’s every day, I’m adjusting cardio (and food) according to my weight and the way I look. (I’ve been throwing in the second cardio session maybe 2-3 times per week). I was down to 195 lbs last week, and today, I’m already down to 194 and it’s only been a few days since the last weigh-in. I’ve been tending to get a little flat and depleted by the 3rd day of low carbs. If I get really flat and or lose too much weight, I back off the cardio (no 2nd session, and sometimes back off to only 30 minutes), and or take a 2nd high carb day. The diet and cardio are not static… I adjust them constantly based on how I look.

In 2001 I was doing double cardio every day without exception from about 8 weeks out until 2 weeks out), and my calories were below 3000 on all the low days. This year I’m being a little bit more conservative by doing just a little bit less cardio and eating a little bit more food. I was shredded and dry in 2001 and I won my class at the NPC Natural Eastern Classic, but I always wonder if I had been just as shredded and a bit fuller/bigger if I would have taken the overall. It was very close on the posedown. So this year, I’m being a little cautious not to get too depleted.

So far, so good, but over the coming weeks, the carbs/calories may still need to drop down a little more. I still have plenty of “wiggle room.” I’m getting much leaner, but at 7.5 weeks out now, I don’t have the “shrink wrapped” skin look on the abs yet. Won’t be long though… If I gotta “suffer” and eat less and go back to double cardio every day, then that’s what I gotta do… Getting lean is never a problem for me, but I gotta keep balancing between “ripped-ness” and “full-ness.” I Will keep you posted!

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