The Secret Muscle Building Weapon Has Arrived


I received a very special delivery in the mail today… came in a huge box… about 5 feet tall, and 2 feet wide…. inside is my new muscle building secret weapon…

But I’m not going to tell you what it is yet…. I will be breaking it out of the box soon and then I’ll tell you the whole story about how I got one… Amazing story too… was sheer incredible coincidence or synchronicity how I stumbled onto this. Only a handful of people in the entire world have one of these…

After I bust open the box, I’ll show you some pictures of the “secret muscle building weapon,” tell you how it works, and maybe even show you some photos of me using it… so you can see “the weapon” in action…

Or… maybe I wont.

Maybe I’ll just keep it a secret… and just use it myself to get huge and ripped… It’ll be my “unfair advantage!”

Hmmmmm… I wonder what’s in the big box?

Whats Tom’s “secret muscle building weapon

Maybe if you leave really nice comments and check back tomorrow or the next day, I’ll let you in on it… or not…


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February 28, 2007

Mariela @ 10:40 pm #

It’s nice to see that you are back, and playful as usual. I am glad that you are competing because nothing motivates me more than joining you in the path of your competitions.
By the way…did you get my email?
P.S.: I am not just posting a nice comment just to know what’s on the box…;-)

March 1, 2007

YeRy @ 12:40 am #

Come on gorgeous whats in the box?? share the secret nobody wants to see a shapeless or out-of-shape dancer, i might not need huge muscles but strong shaped muscles are indispensable….. 🙂

SAM @ 3:33 am #

hmm, thats alot of protein powder Tom!!!!!

curtis @ 8:13 am #

*nice nice nice*
what is it?
*nice nice nice*

Yes, Tom, what’s in the box..REALLY!! Is it a new training partner?? :o)

alan @ 11:40 am #

you’re fab!!!beautiful and…..erh……
oh come on already;-)
p.s.wouldnt happen to be a bunny,would it?
(nic Cage style)

Tiago @ 4:25 pm #

I wonder. I don’t even have a clue as to what it is.

March 3, 2007

Craig @ 10:41 am #

I got it! It’s a 1,000 pound solid chunk of iron with two handles. You can dead lift it, farmer walk with it, overhead press, curl, bench, and squat. And while you’re recuperating in the hospital, it will be a nice coffee table. Right?

Spyro Trifos @ 11:47 am #

I know! I bet you it is a either a tall smoothie blender or a classic, bozo bop bag. Both can work wonders! 🙂

Jim @ 12:19 pm #

I know! It’s Monica Brant (or your favorite fitness model), and shes going to jump out of the box wearing nothing but a ribbon1

Tom venuto @ 12:21 pm #

HA! You guys are funny… Nope, no one guessed it… Okay, check the next blog post, I will unveil the secret weapon and then you can try to guess again…

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