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In my last post, I announced the arrival of my new, secret muscle-building weapon in a big 5′ tall box. Readers tried (in vain) to guess what was inside the box… Guesses ranged from a huge vat of protein powder to Monica Brant, Gift wrapped (er, that would be nice, but unfortunately, no, she was not inside the box)… Since it’s obvious that no one is going to guess correctly, I decided to go ahead and unveil the “device” … NOW see if you can figure out what this is…

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I unveiled my new muscle blasting “toy” in the last bodybuilding secrets blog post and after a few close guesses and a few guesses that were waaaaay off, somebody finally figured out what this contraption made of wood, black straps and a foam padded dowel is for…. BLASTING THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF YOUR QUADS!…(only serious bodybuilders need apply….)

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I use a lot of variety and “muscle confusion” in my training, but even so, there is a thread of consistency that runs through most of my workouts. In other words, in every workout, something changes while something stays the same and builds on the previous workout. However, every so often, I completely change my “typical” style of training for something totally different or even off the wall, just for the “shock” value. Such was the case today when we did a session consisting of 100% supersets, which was also very hamstring and posterior chain focused…

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