About This Site

This website was created by a bodybuilder, for bodybuilders and other physique athletes, including fitness, figure or even serious “transformation challenge” competitors.  This site was also  created for fans of bodybuilding and for anyone else who shares a passion for pumping iron, building muscle and getting ripped.

Hardcore, old-school natural bodybuilding. If that’s what you’re interested in, you’ve just found a gold mine.

However, this website is not for everyone:

If you’ve ever said, “I don’t want to get too big,” then this site is probably not for you… If you’ve ever looked at a ripped 18 or 19 inch arm and said, “Ewww, those veins are gross,” then this site is almost certainly not for you… If you do any exercises standing one legged on top of a Bosu ball… this site is most emphatically not for you… If you think body part split training is non-functional and ineffective… leave now.

And, if you have ever used a thighmaster, done the circuit at Curves or “Sweated to the Oldies” with Richard Simmons, then you have absolutely landed on the wrong web page… in fact, you being here is like accidentally ending up at a Rob Zombie concert when you were expecting a Vivaldi concerto. As Arnold said in Terminator… “GET OUT.”

Although Bodybuilding Secrets is not an “anti-steroid” site, I am a lifetime natural bodybuilder and a strong advocate of the 100% drug-free approach. So if you are looking for information about steroids or other physique-enhancing drugs, then you have also come to the wrong place.

Natural bodybuilding is a passion of mine. I’ve been doing it since I was 14 years old. God willing, I will be doing it until I’m 114… or maybe even longer! If you’re passionate about weight training and natural bodybuilding too, then you are going to LOVE this site, and I invite you to join me on our quest for muscle. There is NOTHING like this site anywhere else on the web…

The centerpiece of Bodybuilding Secrets.com is “THE BLOG.”

I’d like to promise that I’ll write an entry in the blog once or twice every week, as some bloggers do, but I know from experience how challenging it is just to publish steadily over a long period of time. In fact, I’m somewhat notorious for my inconsistent posting frequency.  I’ve even been known to disappear for weeks or even months, then come back and start blogging again.

That’s why I’m not going to promise exactly how often I will blog. It might be three times a week; it might be three times a month; it might be once every three months. Most likely it will be once a week. One thing I can promise is that when I’m training for a competition, event or important goal, I will update the site much more often, making a blog post for almost every one of my workouts, so you can follow along and see the process.

My blog entries will detail my daily training programs right down to the last set and rep. I will reveal my exact nutritional program and post updates each time I make changes to my food, calorie, protein, carb or fat intake.

I’ll write about how much cardio I am doing, what type, for how long and at what intensity level.  I’ll also write about my mental toughness training strategies and how I get motivated and stay motivated despite a grueling training schedule and strict diet, while running an internet publishing company, an international body transformation contest and a membership website full time.

Why I created this site and why I’m giving away free access 

Some people asked me why I created this site in the first place and why I’m giving away the content on this site for free. This type of information – especially the advice on contest preparation and bodybuilding training techniques, which is so often kept secret – is extremely valuable. Many people have suggested that I put this info in a book and sell it or I should make this part of my exclusive paid membership site. Maybe I’ll do that eventually, and I’ll certainly be offering some bodybuilding courses for sale in the not too distant future.

However, for now, there is a very good reason why I’m openly sharing almost all my bodybuilding secrets on this website for free…

You see, this blog is not just for articles and news posts, if I post my workouts and my personal progress on the web, it makes me accountable and increases my own motivation level. So, yes I’m “selfish” … this blog is as much for me as it is for you.

And now for the obligatory warning disclaimer

You know that MTV show called “Jackass?” It’s a show with a bunch of immature misfits who dream up hair-brained stunts and gross-out gags that put their personal safety (and dignity) in great danger.  Then of course, there was “Fear Factor,” where contestants would dangle precariously from helicopters, get themselves in car wrecks and eat all kinds of creepy crawlers and other nasty stuff that was never intended for human consumption.

What both of these shows had in common is that they opened with a big, bold disclaimer that basically said, “These are really dangerous stunts and they are being performed by professionals under controlled circumstances… DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Well, this is my “Jackass meets Fear Factor” warning disclaimer: I am a professional.. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME Any information I write in my blog about training, dieting or anything else is not intended as personal advice. Squatting until I collapse onto the floor like a blob of jelly.. and then running sprints up stadium steps may be my idea of a fun challenge, but I wouldn’t recommend it to my clients (well, most of them, heh, heh).

Although I will be publishing champion interviews and instructional “how to” types of articles at times, what you will be reading in my training journal blog posts is a diary of serious, HARD CORE bodybuilding and dieting designed to reach a level of body fat so low that bums on the street corner walk up and beg to feed M! This is X-TREME training, not for sissies.

Unless you’re a healthy, experienced competitive bodybuilder, then some of the training and nutritional methods I use may be inappropriate or even dangerous for you (for information about healthy lifestyle eating and “sane” workouts for “normal” people, uhhh, you’ll have to go elsewhere – try my more “mainstream” book, The Body Fat Solution.

Bottom line: The information in this website is for informational and entertainment purposes only. If you choose to copy or emulate anything I do in my own training and diet programs, do so at your own risk. And of course, always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise or nutrition program.

– Tom Venuto

PS.  If you’d like to see the exact fat loss diet system that I use to reach 4% body fat for competition, visit my Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle webpage at: www.BurnTheFat.com.