Bodybuilding Secrets Podcast Episode #2: Carlos DeJesus


Bodybuilding Secrets Podcast Episode #2: Carlos DeJesus: What does it take to be a national and world bodybuilding champion without steroids? How do you overcome the pain barrier, break through perceived genetic limitations and push yourself into “the beyond” without drugs? You’ll find out in this second episode of the Bodybuilding Secrets Podcast featuring natural bodybuilding pioneer, Carlos DeJesus with your host, Tom Venuto.

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Bodybuilding Secrets Podcast #2: Carlos DeJesus – The Bodybuilding Philosopher

Carlos DeJesus is a pioneer in natural bodybuilding, one of the first physique athletes ever to compete in drug-tested competitions when they first emerged in the early 1980’s. His titles include:

1980 Natural Virginia State
1981 Natural Mr. USA
1981 Natural Mr. North America
1985 Natural Mr. World

Today Carlos works as a trainer, motivational speaker and certified medical exercise therapist. He develops conditioning programs for clients with special needs such as limited range of motion, decreased strength, lack of endurance, balance and coordination dysfunction, and diminished functional capacity for daily activities. He also continues to work with serious athletes and hard core bodybuilders.

Carlos is also an inventor of exercise equipment, including the patented quad blaster.

A thinking man’s bodybuilder, Over the last three decades, Carlos had created and organized a true philosophy for natural bodybuilders. For the first time ever, in this exclusive audio MP3 podcast, Carlos explains and articulates his beliefs about what it really takes to be a world champion.

I can guarantee you will never hear this type of information from any ordinary personal trainer or read it any mainstream fitness magazine. Only the bodybuilding world champions think this way…. that is why they are champions, and all the others aren’t.


Carlos DeJesus, natural bodybuilding pioneer
and quad blaster inventor

Visit Carlos online at:

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May 9, 2009

Absolutely riveting….Tom, no question this man is an absolute legend. Can we learn from him…No brainer. Please can we here more from him.
Moral of the story….The best information available, is timeless…It will always be valid no matter what superstar or technical miricle comes down the pike.
My take home….Learn to think and then THINK,THINK,and THINK some more.
Thank you Tom for putting this together.

May 10, 2009

Mike Mahony @ 10:18 am #

Tom, I have found Carlos to be the best and most sincere source of bodybuilding principles. What I love about his approach is that he teaches principles that can be applied forever. He also teaches that the more you learn about yourself the better your results are going to be. Everything is an experiment. He is not dogmatic about any one approach. Does he have a favorite lifting technique? Yes. Does he say you are wrong if you do it another way? No. He understands and teaches that everyone is different and everyone needs to find what works for them. Thanks for posting the podcast.

November 27, 2009

Mary @ 11:45 pm #

Thanks so much for giving us access to this conversation! I loved this guy. He’s not only smart and wise but also humble–and that’s awfully appealing.

February 18, 2010

Mark Thompson @ 6:35 pm #

I am hugely grateful for this interview! I listened to the whole thing and got nothing but motivation to continue my contest prep. I’m 7.5 weeks out and the advice that both of you give is very insightful!
The thing I take away from this the most is that we have to watch clips and view pics of our competition. I had a buddy of mine take pictures of my first show last year (April 2009) I’ve been studying the pictures and poses of the winners since then. I’ll be doing that same show this year, but with the determination to win!
Thanks for being awesome!

October 2, 2011

Adriann @ 6:05 pm #

Tom, I believe this is your best interview. Carlos teachings and competitiveness reminded of YES, if you are working hard the win is what you want.
How lucky you are to have talked with him an inspiring man like yourself. I’ve also experienced the Beyond (once) and it’s a beautiful place the fact that Carlos had will power to stop, how? Because I could not, invisibility comes to mind.
Thank you for conducting and sharing this brilliant interview.

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