Pack An Inch Of Solid Muscle On Your Arms With Bicep And Tricep Supersets


If you thought last month’s bicep-tricep antagonistic superset routine was good, wait until you see (and feel) this killer combination of two bicep supersets and two tricep supersets. Who knows, you might even add an inch of solid muscle on your arms this month with this program… recommended only for advanced bodybuilders…

BICEPS(two same muscle group supersets)

A1 Incline Dumbbell curls (together, arms out to sides, 90 degree angle from body)
3 sets X 8-10 reps

superset to

A2 Standing Dumbell curls to midline of body
3 sets 8-10 reps
B1 Bent over barbell concentration curl
3 sets X 8-10 reps

superset to

B2 Barbell body drag curl
3 sets X 8-10 reps

TRICEPS(two same muscle group supersets)

A1 Rope pushdown
3 sets X 8-12 reps

superset to:

A2 Rope extension behind head
3 sets X 8-10 reps
B1 Lying Tricep Extension to forehead, EZ curl bar
3 sets X 8-10 reps

superset to:

B2 Seated tricep Extension behind head, EZ curl bar (“french press”)
3 sets X 8-10 reps


A1 Hammer strength gripper machine
4 sets X 90, 110, 120, 130 lbs, X 20, 15, 12, 12 reps
Barbell wrist curl behind back
4 sets X 10-15 reps


A1 Swiss Ball Crunch
3 sets X bodyweight X 25 reps

superset to:

A2 leg raise/ hip lift (“toes to sky’) combo
3 sets X 10-15 reps
B1 kneeling cable crunches with rope
3 sets X 15-20 reps

Workout Commentary

Last month we did a 4 week program of antagonistic supersets – biceps supersetted to triceps (see june 5th blog entry)

That routine was kick-ass! We were so pleased with the results – very noticeable arm growth – that we’re going to do another month on this specialization split (biceps and triceps on their own day.

This time with we’re going to do same muscle group supersets (bicep exercise supersetted to another bicep exercise, etc), rather than antagonistic supersets (bicep exercise supersetted to tricep exercise

This was the first workout on this new routine, and I’m writing this the day after… And my arms are so sore, I can barely type! (“Good pain” of course!)

We picked 4 exercises for each muscle and performed them in superset pairs, for each – biceps and triceps. This is an advanced program, of course – beginners would not need or want this much volume, and in fact, this is even more volume than last month’s program (last month’s routine was three supersets, this is four supersets.

You could probably select just about any bicep or tricep exercises at all at random and still get a killer arm workout with this principle, but with careful choice of your exercises, you can turbo-charge the growth effect, big-time!

For example, select exercises that hit different aspects or heads of the muscle rather than working the same group of muscle fibers/motor units.

Today, we paired a short head bicep movement with a long head bicep movement, and also a peak contraction exercise with a stretch exercise.

The first superset for biceps, in particular was awesome! You just had to feel this to appreciate it

the first exercise is incline dumbbell curls – with an added “twist!” Instead of curling with the arms close to the body and palms facing your face, you point your arms out so they are at a 90 degree angle to your body and curl up so your palms face your ears.

Emphasize the stretch position at the bottom. Ease into the bottom stretch position carefully and start from complete straight arm stretch position.

After 8-12 (painful) reps like that, stand up with dumbbells still in hand (NO REST, NO PUTTING DOWN DUMBBELLS!), and continue with standing dumbbell curls…. yes, with a “venuto twist”

These are midline dumbbell curls. start with the dumbbells in your hands, palms facing forward and hold them wider than normal, about two inches away from your thighs.

From this wide start position, curl the dumbells not just up, but also IN, towards the midline/center of your body. You will finish the curls with the dumbbells in front of your chest (not your shoulders), with the inner bell of the dumbbells touching.


Form is everyhing. This superset combo – wide incline dumbbell curls to standing midline dumbbell curls – is about focus and concentration. if you don’t feel something there you never felt before, you are simply not doing it correctly

We’ll start taking the camera into the gym again like we did last year so you can see this next time.

Try it and let me know what you think

Until next time, train hard and expect success.

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July 12, 2006

Sarah-C @ 12:54 pm #

I have arms day Friday, better believe I’ll try this one! The last one was already great, this should be interesting, to say the least.

October 16, 2006

Igor @ 4:27 pm #

Great 2 same muscle supersets idea for my next arm workout. By the way Tom, can you explain with details the classic Vince Gironda 8 sets of 8 program, examples of muscle worked and supersets?
Thanks so much, your site is incredible

September 14, 2012

Lucas Ebert @ 7:43 pm #

Thank you thank you thank you

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